Encrypted Phone Solutions

Untraceable SmartPhones 

Encrypted Communications

Server-less platform

The confidentiality of communications is NOT guaranteed even by third-party tools that promise it. Popular privacy tools  like Tor, CryptoCat Whisper and Open Systems, are financied by the US government “Broadcasting Board of Governors” BBG.

Download Complete Article  Internet privacy, funded by spooks: A brief history of the BBG (3026 downloads)

The Mobile  SIMs are backdoors and the communication can be intercepted in the Phone Company Centrals or thanks to special apparatous that in the range of 1 km can intercept the communicatios.

The other problem is the Spy App that intercept not the communications but the audio and video channel in the Phone. Other Internet Solutions like Skype pass through Servers and it is very easy listen to the communication.

The explosion of the market of the SmartPhones and of the free of charge service and Apps offered by many Companies like Google DropBox Facebook put at risk the privacy.

For Secure Communications you need

  • Neither  SIM neither Public Switched Telephone Network
  • No Apps and/or other application not Open Source
  • A private Architecture
  • Only Open Source

The Solution

  • End to End Encryption
  • SmartPhone  configurato con Applicazioni Open Source without
    • App Market like Apple Store Google Play etc..
    • Internet Browsing
    • Mail and Messaging
    • Geo-Localization
  •  NO SIM
  • Server-less (peer to peer)
  • No System 


End-to-End Encryption

Every Phone is connected in a  Virtual Private Network with a End to End Encryption
Data/File Exchange only with End to End Encryption as for vocal call, chat.


Server-less (peer to peer)

All the Data DON’T flow across any Server 


Voice/Video Calls

  • Voice/Video Calls are based on  Voice over IP (VoIPOpen Source e Standard
  • High Definition  Voice / Video Codec
  • Data Flows in a Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Multi-Conferenza Voice

Vocal Conference Call Audio  End-to-End Encryption


Messaging / File Exchange

Each phone can send and receive unlimited messages of virtually unlimited length, as well as can exchange files with any other phone connected to the same Virtual Private Network.
Each exchange is encrypted using end-to-end encryption systems

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