BlackMagic Power Optimiser

BlackMagic - Ottimizzatore di potenza per impianti fotovoltaici

BlackMagic – PV power optmiser

BlackMagic, the power optimiser for photovoltaic (PV) plants developed by BMSolar, is now available at EPIK.

First released in 2006, BlackMagic has been delivering improved PV system performance and added safety for over nine years.

Numerous international awards have confirmed widespread recognition for BMSolar’s leadership as the developer of the first PV power optimiser on the market.

BlackMagic may be fitted on both new and existing PV plants. It has shown to be the best product to protect and maximize PV investment returns.

BlackMagic  is exported worldwide and it has turned into a vital tool for Operation and Maintenance firms offering guarantees on system performance and uptime.