About us

Epik is an Italian company with an international mind-set and a leader in the development of products and services for the industrial automation, process control and renewable energy industries.

Epik stands out for its Research and Development work, achieving cutting-edge solutions for the improvement and optimisation of industrial processes.

We offer turn-key solutions as well as development and design support niche projects with specific requirements. The solutions we develop are aimed at improving productivity by automating process information management.

Epik’s goal is to offer outstandingly robust, reliable and accurate solutions.

All our instruments are designed to support a resolution of at least 16 bits and we use exclusively stainless steel for the casing of our PCs and monitors.


  • Data acquisition from industrial, civil and environmental processs
  • Design and implementation of turn-key systems (Hardware e Software)
  • I/O components, signal conditioning, on site and remote dataloggers
  • Design and implementation of custom-made Hardware e Software
  • Advice and after-sales support

Cabling schematics and item codes are permanently screen-printed on all our products, to ensure readability regardless of long-term exposure to the elements.

Automated assembly lines using Epik’s latest technological solutions show improved quality, reduced lead times and costs. The entire production is rigorously controlled by an automated calibration process.

We use cutting-edge assembly technologies, such as SMD for manufacturing of most components. Each assembled item is optically inspected to prevent soldering defects as part of our commitment to the highest quality standards.

All product details are stored on our servers and can be retrieved using the unique product serial number.

All Epik products are built, calibrated and tested in Italy.

International recognition

riconoscimenti1 Epik won the Technology innovation award and represented Italy at the 2010 International Expo event in Shanghai
riconoscimenti2 Epik was chosen to represent innovation from Tuscany at the US-Tuscany Bilateral Cooperation for a Cleaner Tomorrow event held in 2010
riconoscimenti3 In 2011, Epik represented Italian innovation at TechConnectWorld, Boston
riconoscimenti4 EPIK was selected by the European Commission to represent Italian innovation at Ecomondo in 2010
riconoscimenti5 Epik works in partnership with Pisa Ricerche, a consortium designated by Enterprise Europe Network to support innovative research
riconoscimenti6 As a guest of Toscana Promozione, Epik represented Italian technology at the Innovation Exhibition in Hangzhou in 2011


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